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  • Sharon Allen

    Is there a way for an owner/moderator to view the profile of a member who requests membership in a restricted group?


    Is there a way to have the membership request require a sentence or two so the potential member can why they want to join the group?  Right now to solve that issue I've added a sentence to our group description saying, basically, when requesting membership please introduce yourself to the group owner via email.

    I ask because right now there doesn't appear to be a way to screen potential members?

    Thank you.

  • Mark Fletcher

    You can set up a pending member notification that gets sent to prospective members. If they reply to that email, it gets sent to the +owner address. To set up this member notice, go to the Settings page for your group and click on Member Notices at the top.

  • David A. Brainerd

      I tried to search for amateur radio.  The search returned 3 pages.  But when I try to go to page 2 or page 3, I don't get anything listed.

  • Maile George

    Just set up GDBPresidents on, and 10  members have responded to the subscription request, but has not yet sent me the approval email as it has done on other lists. Just curious if I've done something incorrectly, or if there's a delay on your side. Thanks!


  • fariba heshmati

     I'm in taxproXchange , now my user remove in this massge wrote

    my receive massges intered in spam ,

    please solve this problem asap

    I want add the group.






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