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  • Maile George

    How do I add a subscriber who is having trouble subscribing on her own?

  • Gavi Durasno


    You do not help the membersof the groups in anything.  I do not know why they have a help list, if the help you give does not work. The  Team, they have deleted me from one of the group which I am subscribe,  with only one reason,  that I am receiving messages from my group in the spam folder. And idont know what  spam folder you talking about, causeall messages arrive at my AOL email adrres.  You have already done this to me 3 time and I communicate with you,  they do not give me any corrrect answwer..  I do no know why you have a mailbox for my group emails, when I receved all the materials to my AOL  address.

    Them..why do they delete me from the groups without my coonsent?  What kind of Team group are you? is better,  it is the best that exists to form groups, there I have never had any problem like I have with you address .oi   

    That not nice to deleated members from the groups, without the members consent.

    THAT NO NICE.  Now,  who going to HELP???


  • frances

    It doesn't tell me where to find what I have followed, in case I want to delete it.

    And it doesn't tell me where the email preferences page is now. It used to be easy to find. Now it seems I have to click on the hyperlinked word - single, digest, etd.


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