Subgroups supports subgroups. A subgroup is a group within another group. When viewing your group on the website, you can create a subgroup by clicking the 'Subgroup' tab on the left side. The email address of a subgroup is of the form

Subgroups have all the functionality of normal groups, with the exceptions that to be a member of a subgroup, you must be a member of the parent group, and you cannot invite people to join subgroups.

Once a person is a member of the parent group, they can subscribe directly to the subgroup if it's permitted, they can be added directly to the subgroup, or they can ask to join the subgroup if it is restricted.

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    Uwe Brockmann

    Plus addressing is unreliable because it is not supported by all mail handling software. Can you add addressing of the form or and internally translate it to once the incoming email reaches your servers?

    If you implemented this killer feature I would seriously consider moving my Yahoo Group to uses this scheme to work around the plus addressing unreliability issue for its users. See this post from a Panix mail admin:

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    Matt Wilkie

    Is it possible to have different permissions on sub-groups? For example the main list is public and a private sub-group for management? I'm thinking of non-profit societies where the members and general public should be free to discourse and share as they like, but executive board proceedings etc should be private.

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