Integrations allow you to connect your group with an outside service. There are two types of integrations, Group Integrations and Member Integrations.

Group Integrations

Group integrations allow outside content to be automatically sent to your group. Group integrations are configured by the moderators and are not controlled by the group members. Group integrations can be moderated, which means that any integration messages must be approved before they are sent to the group.

One example of a group integration is the Feed integration. The feed integration allows you to post items from RSS feeds to your group. Is there a blog associated with your group? Use the Feed integration to automatically have new blog posts be sent to your group. supports several different group integrations and we're always looking to add more.

Member Integrations

Member integrations allow your members to export content automatically from the group. One example of this is the Dropbox integration. With it, your members can have attachments that are sent to the group be automatically saved to their Dropbox account. There are options to specify the type(s) of attachments to save, and whether the messages should be tagged with a specific hashtag.

Member integrations are accessed in the Subscription area of the Group.

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    I am just trying to find out information about how to use so content does not mean much as I don't yet have a group.


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